The free nursery will be funded as soon as possible by creating a pay structure in Phnom Phen for the middle class families, especialy for the women who want or need to work. A project of Rice Intensification and Sustainable Development is also underway with a partner organization in Vietnam.

• The concept of  crèche  is virtually non existent in Cambodia. The tradition is that the elderlies, a young relative or employees are involved  to  monitor  the young infants in khmer family. There is certainly no free crèche for underprivileged families in Kep. Women often are abused by their alcoholic husbands unemployed who play   games. Moreover, it is common for girls or boys from a very young age to be beaten or abused or sold as servants or for  prostitution.

• Our structure will host in the medium term about 20 young children from 3 months to 3/4 years to be prepared for entry into the local school system. Indeed kindergartens are lacking in Cambodia. Now the nursery take care of 15  children. The curriculum and education associated with the care of young children , will address the lack of  intermediaries schooling.

• We plan in the near future that our  structure will  host about 20 children from 3 months to 3/4 years to be prepared for entry into the local education system.


• Mothers partially released from their parental duties may exercise a gainful occupation. Elder children who generaly take care of their cadets may  can also attend a normal schooling. Targeted children are those who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods and the fishing village near the structure.

• The Together  nursery is close to the areas targeted where many young children are also affected by the project.

• A professional  from France in the early  childhood field brings her expertise and trains the local team  when she comes for missions  in Cambodia.