Nursery in Kep


A nursery  is the first step towards learning the first principles of social life: sharing, respect for others, the freedom of friendship. As the oak is already in the acorn planted in the earth, so is the person already in the school – the germ of their personality. The need for a crèche is vital in Kep (South Cambodia near the border of South Vietnam) because there is no similar structure localy. Mothers partially released from their parental duties may exercise a gainful occupation.

Everything needs to be done for a small child. He needs to get to know all that surrounds him and at the same time learn to know himself. This stage is long but it is essential to becoming a «balanced» adult. The new-born is not born as a blank page because he  already has a story : the story of his father and mother’s desire to become parents, the story of gestation, the story of his birth, the story of his first encounter with his mother, his father. Although newly born the baby is already imbued with its own unique history. By the time he arrives at the crèche he will already be a few months old. It will be important to know who this baby is, where and how he lived. This knowledge will allow a deeper understanding of who the child really is – and in the absence of his mother – will allow for a better quality of care for the child.