• Today, I warmly encourage you to come and  join Together  because Together we are stronger!



We need your support to :

•  bring your friends
•  share your skills
•  give your time
•  participate financially by making a donation for the purchase of milk, equipment

The volunteers who support our cause will place their personal experiences and professional skills as well as their power to create cross-cultural and  intergenerational links. It is also a way to see firsthand the transparency of a project and continuously improve.

The wise Chinese Tao-Te-Ching says, “The tree which fills the sky is born of a tiny seed. The nine-storey tower began with a clod of earth. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step out of line. “This sentence filled with beautiful wisdom strongly confirmed me in my decision to help the children who are the heritage and wealth of nations.

I am sure your generosity will thrive in this project that would  help “small seeds” to grow in confidence so that they will  become “beautiful trees” that can be deployed in the sky.

HELP US. by your contribution … THANK YOU!

With 1 $ 1 we can feed 1 infant  1 day!

With $ 10 we buy a box of milk to feed a baby a week!

With $ 100 we can buy essential medicines for children!

With $ 600 per year a  disadvantaged child in the nursery   can be accommodated in host families!