Here are a few pictures of the work done by Charlotte, Thao and Together team with the strength of the wrist and between sweat and water … That is to say:
- A plantation board 20M2
- 2 pits compost
- 1 small nursery for seeds …
- Development to come with an “ovn” in a nozzle of pipe to burn off the garbage
We can say that we are pretty proud ot the result in 3 days time thanks to the good advices from Charlotte Thao and also the help of Together. staff. Thanks again FRANCE VIETNAM TRADE (VFE) for sharing of skills, good will and good efforts also good humor, with the generosity of heart… (

The garden is also a good way,  through  inviting elders,   to come  and meet toodlers so they can establish an inter-generational link with the young ones and try to retrieve theirs “roots”. This link between generations is important, especially in Cambodia, as a result of the civil war that lasted two decades and made  about 4 million deaths. Unfortunately at  least a whole generation has gone… A young Khmer who studied agronomy also oversees the development of the garden.