Since  MID April Mouy, a team leader is  training to supervise the home team. This is one of the oldest employees of the crib. A new mode of operation is in progress.

Three “supervisors” will follow the action several times a month. Christina for staff supervision and care for children, Xavier, management, administrative and Vuthy (Khmer director of Together locally) so he will have  to hold ad hoc meetings with staff and parents. The reason for these meetings are intended to explain their new mode of operation, especially parental support, listening and defining families expectations  and our objectives …

This is, overall :

- Total versatility assistants according the emergencies whic have been set. Their priority will therefore be to take care of children with proper nutrition.

- More parental involvement including by formal commitment  to better assist us in caring towards children (especially at home). It will also be, as the nursery is free,  by giving time to the association through general interests work (cleaning, washing, gardening, , housekeeping etc ..) If they do not  invest, we will not take of their children. Then a collective monthly meeting will be held for readjustment.



“” It seems that the parents agreed on the timetable change (opening 8:00 /closing 4:00 p.m.) Better maintenance and cleanliness of the clothing of their children when they arrive in the morning. Agreement of the parents when their child is sick to accompany an employee of lq crib to the doctor.

A new computerized rules will be written by Vuthy in the coming days.

Delinquent parents, unexcused absences after 3 warnings will be laid off for a week. If recurrence, they will definitely be punished.

About the routine of children in the host structure:

8 am – 8:15 Arrival of children, shower immediately and  toothbrushing.

8:30 beef rice soup, pork or chicken.

Nap for smaller

Awakening to the oldest kids.

12h hearty breakfast  with varied vitamins and proteins,  vegetables, fruits and desserts.

Nap until 14h – 14h30

15h home made pancakes  or small cereales and enriched  milk.

15h 30 shower before returning home 16h. “”