Together  as seen by its founder : Jean-Claude Mortier

For over 30 years my career in the civil service both within the Department of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took me all around the world.  My experiences as a traveller brought me to work around the Mediterranean area, in the countries of the Indian Ocean, Oceania, Eastern Europe, Central America, the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa and South East Asia and finally in China.  I am a traveller and citizen of the world.  My heart, mind and soul have drawn me to meet others.  Are our relationships with others important? Do they add to the effectiveness and quality of our life?

The quality of contact is a powerful engine of success : be sought for his human qualities, creating sympathy, exchange ideas, be able to motivate that’s what friends of  Together agree on the objective, creating lasting friendships. Let our friendships grow, to expand our thoughts and attempt to influence our communities, our societies, and ultimately our world. It is in these moments of communion and thought that friendships can be deployed beyond what is considered normal to become truly UNIQUE. Together with the willingness to  move  forward to help us ALL  to achieve our goals in an INTERACTIVE  way with all humanity which is housed in every human being.

WHO is targeted?

You are entrepreneurs, managers, artists, professionals in the areas of finance, communication, technology and IT, social networking and fundraising or simply people of good will  – all united in order to breathe life into this project.